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[Fanfic] you'll be the light, i'll be the dark

you'll be the light, i'll be the dark, by [personal profile] anenko - Sunako/Noi, R - "That's something that Sunako has never really understood: Noi's not a real lady, either."

And another fic from the most recent Porn Battle:

Fever, by [personal profile] chronolith - Sunako/Kyohei, NC17 - "In his defense, Kyouhei thinks, he's only sixteen and there was only so much people could really expect of a sixteen year old boy."
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Look, content!

I've put together a few things for [community profile] kink_bingo:

PGE "Costume" Picspam (Image heavy, possibly NSFW)
PGE "Tickling" Icons

I also have a few caps of the jdrama up at drama_hunt:
Episode 2 and Episode 6 (possibly NSFW).
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Intro Post/FAQ

This is a holding place for an introduction post or FAQ, should either be required. If there are any questions about this community, feel free to ask in the comments of this post.